Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yankees reduce ticket prices

For all you Yankee fans out there hoping to catch a glimpse of the new stadium from inside its new 1.5 billion dollar walls, there may be some relief... Hal and the Yankees announced there will be some price cuts on select seats. While hacking the absurd $2,500 tickets in half to the still insane $1,250, its progress. Other front row and close seats have been reduced by up to 40 percent. These cuts apply to roughly 375 seats which is just not good enough. "It's the public that built Yankee Stadium, and even at these prices, the public has been excluded from the very stadium they built," said Richard Brodsky, assemblyman of Westchester...
In hopes of filling those painfully empty seats, Yankees are also offering deals on season tickets. If you buy certain season tickets you get a certain amount of free games in seats of a specific price range.
For example.... The Associated Press said, "Among the $325 non-premium seats between the bases, the Yankees said fans who bought two or three season tickets will receive two free tickets for every other game starting with Thursday or Friday. Those who bought four or five season tickets will get two free seats for every game." The AP also released other details about exact pricing and ticket info... check the full report at espn for more ticket prices. Yankees have also said that these deals are for this season only.
It may not be enough but it is certainly a start, and that's the Scoop.
p.s. Go Yanks!

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