Monday, April 27, 2009

Woman fired for checking her facebook ... on a sick day.

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In recent news a woman lost her job... the players... a Swiss woman in her early 30's, the swiss company Nationale Suisse, a hard-ass for a boss, and Facebook.

The gist of this particular case, is that woman decided to take a sick day. A coworker saw that her status was available on facebook, meaning she had signed in at home during her sick day... Personally I have no problem with this, even if she says she had a migraine... I get migraines and I assure you they hurt, but I can still check my Facebook. Her employer claims if she is well enough to check her facebook and access a computer to do it, she should be at work... She was fired from her job for checking her facebook on a sick day... Now she is angry and claiming she was being stalked illegally and that is the issue now. Where should employers draw the line with Facebook and other social networks... Background checks, and now sick day monitoring??? This case may change the employers ability to check us out on social networks, and I think there has to be some kind of limit as to what they are allowed to do. At what point is it an invasion of privacy and not just a harmless background check? The line is thin... and thats The Scoop.

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