Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Superheroes in cincinnati! Shadow Hare?

This is a gem. These guys and gal dressed in costumes that are laughable for even Halloween, patrol the streets of Cincinnati in hopes of fighting crime. Shadow Hare is not alone. He rolls with his gang of superheroes who call themselves the Allegiance of Heroes. Fast forward to a minute for pure comedic joy.

And its not just Cincinnati... There is a World Superhero Registry website, where heroes across the globe can register online. Here is a quote from the hero Master Legend (one shown in the video clip) that is posted with his picture on the World Superhero Registry or what I like to call the WSR for short... "I am a real life super hero born with powers of the veil and voodoo teachings. I have studied psychology all my life and use my abilities to defend the helpless and help the desperate as a specially trained fighter in many forms that I have developed my own . It is the secret of the diamond spirit. It is my duty and my life." This sort of thing, besides scaring me, raises some important questions. Questions like, what is the Justice Force that he is a member of... or more importantly, what is the diamond spirit...? Questions, I am sure no one knows the answers too.
That's the Scoop

for even more superhero fun check out Shadow Hare's myspace page, no login necessary!

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