Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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You can be a wesley... Elephants in Rabbit holes...

Matt Costa... let it be sung...
check out Mr. pitiful as well... That's the scoop yo.

funny new word

I actually haven't checked with urban dictionary to check on how original this word is but.... At my school in the daily paper there is a section called the instant daily... Here students can instant message a screename and get their comments posted in the paper... whether its just a silly comment or somethign you have noticed on campus you can im it to the screename and possibly have it printed.

Anyway someone said this; "Proscrasterbate: you have a lot of work to do, but your roomates arent there..." lol anyway thoguht it was good humor. Thats the scoop yo.

New gen Iphone

As an owner of a lame g'zone type s cellphone and an awesome ipod touch i cant wait for the new iphones to come out!!! From what ive read it looks like it might come out in June... right around when my verizzon contract ends. Perfect... Check out wired's article, they summarize our best guesses as to what it will include pretty well... that or just google it.