Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jazz Robot?

Since forever a major difference between humans and robots has been the ability to improvise. How about a robot that can play jazz music? That's right the robot known as Shimon, plays the marimba. It doesn't just mimic, it listens, and without any delay analyzes the musical pattern and spits out musical genius. Amazing. Shimon is the brainchild of Guy Hoffman, Gil Weinberg, and Roberto Aimi. heres a video...
shimon playing...

speaking of cool robots anyone familiar with Boston Dynamic's Big Dog? Quite possibly the coolest application of robotics so far. Basically a pack mule for small military squads and what not, it can walk across ice and snow and responds very nicely to external forces and bumpy terrain... Check out the clip around :40 seconds and 2:30 respectively to see exactly what i mean. The ice part is my favorite though. Very impressive robotics

Big Dog

That's the Scoop!

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