Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Largest Model Rocket Ever

This is a fun one. I had stumbled upon this story recently and am excited to see the results. Steve Eves launched his model rocket, a 1:10 scaled version of the Saturn V rocket on Saturday.

The original Saturn V (five) was the the engine used to take us to the moon in 1969, and several following lunar missions including the infamous Apollo 13 lunar mission which was made famous by the film Apollo 13.

The Saturn V engine was hailed for its incredible payload capacity and is still the most powerful launch vehicle ever brought into operation with respect to its size weight and payload. Upon its first flight, the rocket propelled astronauts 45 miles into the atmosphere in just two and a half minutes reaching a velocity of 6,164 miles per hour and burning approximately 4,400,000 pounds of fuel. All that in just its first stage!

Eventually it would take the ship well above the earths escape velocity as Buzz Aldrin would note that they were cruising at a comfortable velocity 35,579 feet per second! Well anyway, Steve Eves decided to pay homage to this incredible feat of human ingenuity...

Beginning is all rocket information, height, weight, thrust... luanch is at a minute.

Standing 36 feet tall, this giant model rocket set a record for the largest model rocket ever launched... Congrats Steve Eves...
That's the Scoop!

thanks wikipedia and some nasa page for the statistics.

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