Tuesday, April 28, 2009

APPLE is the shizzle.

So there are a lot of rumors going around... Firstly, snow leopard. The next OS from apple, after the successful release of Windows 7 apple has been hard at work on this puppy. I can only imagine what the new OS will be able to do. I briefly saw some mention of monitor recording, meaning a video screenshot. and example I saw in someones blog was, say your tired of showing you grandpa how to clear his fireox cache, well you can record the process and he can watch it whenever he needs too.
There has also been some adium chat referencing a macbookmini, perhaps a cheaper sub $1000 laptop get a piece of the mini market. Not to mention a more affordable mac laptop, even though the current macbook white starts at 999.00 without any extras or applecare... While this is just chatter, the last time something was mentioned was the macbook air... now that is certainly a real thing... So perhaps this isn't wildly off base and false. I am excited to see Snow Leopard, I wonder what they will add?

Also what will the new iphone be like? The rumors of an iphone or iphone lite being released under verizons services have been increasing. The main problem with this is that verizon uses a network that only really operates in the U.S., (CDMA)... Apple (steve jobs) has had the attitude that they are a world phone. They want to have one phone for the whole world, and in producing a phone for Verizon would obviously contradict that notion. However, more recently talk of a phone similar to an ipod touch, but with calling capabilities has surfaced. Meaning a phone that works on wifi... Many are calling a verizon iphone "wishful thinking" but with increasing rumors of Verizon and Apple talking this wishful thinking is sounding pretty good to me... Wishful thinking or not, APPLE's exclusive contract with AT&T is not up until 2010, so we will have to wait a little longer to see.
Thats the Scoop.


  1. I read about that iPhone lite possibly on verizon. Next year Verizon is supposedly rolling out their next gen LTE network. Coinciding with this perhaps it's an iPhone LTE instead of an iPhone lite. I don't see why any consumer or company would want an iPhone that had fewer features.

  2. Well I recently read the rumor 3 iphones could possibly be released at varying price ranges and respective capabilities... but that seems to be more rumor now than the more recent stuff. We'll also have to see as 4G gets bigger, like i said the contracts not up until 2010...


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