Monday, April 13, 2009


Well its been in the news so 'Let Us Talk' ...
I think the moral of the story is pirates make for good navy seal target practice. For those of you unfamiliar with whats going on in the world let me catch you up.

Last week an American cargo ship by the name of the Maersk Alabama, was headed towards Kenya hijacked by Somali pirates...

Now im not sure if everyone knows this but piracy is common, and its a multimillion dollar 'business' ... Generally, the way things work requires an inside guy. Someone aware of a particular ships destination and traveling route informs someone who hires pirates. They procede to intercept these ships, hold them hostage, and negotiate ransom terms with the owners and insurers, which is usually in the neighborhood of a million dollars.

So this time, these four rather unlucky pirates hijacked an American ship... After several days of wondering when this would end, one pirate finally surrendered. The remaining three were subsequently sniped by Navy Seals who had parachuted in a few nights before.

Now it was assumed they were between the ages of 16-20, so not surprisingly these four Somali pirates were around 18 years old... Just kids... The one who surrendered is currently in U.S. custody, but the question remains; what do we do with him?
The options are deliver him to Kenyan government and let them deal with him, or try him in a United States courtroom. (caution rant ahead)

Now this is the amazing part, if he is brought to the states, we, meaning the United States and its taxpayers, will probably have to pay for his lawyer. Well probably also have to pay for his whole family to come over here so he can be tried. Ha, just imagine, they end up residing here as illegal aliens. Then once he is thrown in a United States prison our tax dollars will pay for that as well.

So the 3/4 of the pirates are dead, one is in our custody, the ships captain who was being heled hostage has returned safely home, and thats 'The Scoop!'

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