Thursday, June 11, 2009


iphone is officially ready to start taking pre-orders so if you really want one, you better pre-order soon!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cool lake in Antarcica

"Lake Vostok, an unfrozen body of freshwater the size of Lake Ontario cut off from the world for millennia beneath two miles of Antarctic ice."

Perhaps this hidden fresh water lake holds new life forms, or signs of our climates past?

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popular science

$4500 from the government to buy a new car

Legislation passed on tuesday, 298 to 119 votes, passd in the house. The bill calls for 4 billion dollars to be allocated to the purchasing of about 1 million new vehicles.

The deal is, trade in your old car and buy a new one with better fuel efficiency and you are eligible to receive 4500 bucks from the U.S. government!

The hope is that the purchasing of a million new vehicles will help jumpstart the decaying U.S. auto industry. It will produce jobs and reduce layoffs, as well as save an estimated 250+ million gallons of gasoline.

The bill would also have to pass through the Senate, and then be approved by President Obama in order to take effect.
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yahoo-news ... complete rules.

Quantum Entanglement

Einstein called it 'spooky action at a distance," quantum entanglement is really cool. Scientists were able to seperate entangled ions a quarter of millimeter apart. This is a huge distance in the atomic world, the example given is if the ions were the size of soccerballs they would be 5 kilometers away from each other.

So quantum entanglement is cool because it ties to atoms or electrons or some particle together so that even when seperated, by manipulating one of the particle the other responds in the same way. They share some kind of mystical almost magical bond.

Now the application of this technology is really endless, but still in its infancy. The first goal would be quantum computers, this means calculations that are instant and beyond anything we could possibly develop today.

This is because quantum entanglement breaks the rules so to say, it doesn't obey the standard classical physics that governs our modern world and modern technology.

The fun, dream application would be building things out of entangled particles and say manipulating them on the moon from earth instantaneously...

A really cool concept that is now given a new breath of air thanks to the scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
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